Thirteen by: Lauren Myracle

30 Sep

I finished The Wide-Awake Princess last week and, as it turns out, my prediction was right.  Annie found three more princes and took them all to her sister, but the first four princes she had found didn’t wake Gwen up.  The last prince that she had found did.

This week I’m reading Thirteen, a realistic fiction book by Lauren Myracle.  This book is about a thirteen-year-old girl named Winnie.  Winnie has two best friends and a boyfriend.  Throughout the book she has some problems with her friends.  Cinnamon, one of her friends is growing up too fast, the other one, Dinah, too slowly.  She and her boyfriend have some problems, ultimately leading to their break-up.  I won’t spoil the ending, but I really liked the way things worked out in the end.

I chose to read this book for two different reasons.  One reason was because my friend recommended it to me.  She had read it and really liked the book so she recommended it to me because we like a lot of the same books.  The other reason I read it was because I had read another book by this author and really liked it.

Winnie and I are a lot alike.  We both have really busy older sisters who can be helpful with advice on school and some other things.  We both have a couple really close friends and a couple friends who aren’t quite as close.  We both have cats and like horses.  I don’t have a little sibling like Winnie, but I wish I did.  Those are some similarities between me and Winnie.


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