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The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan Part Two

31 Oct

I’m still reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan.  Right now, Leo, Jason, and Piper just escaped from Medea, who Gaea brought back from the dead. in Chicago.  They’re flying to Aeolus, god of all winds, to deliver something.

I have a few predictions about what’s going to happen next.  I predict that Gaea is going to bring back more dead people who might dislike the gods, like Daedalus, Midas, or Sisyphus.  I think that she’s going to bring back Medusa or other monsters who hate the gods.  She wants old mortals and monsters to help her and the giants overthrow the gods.  Also, maybe the dragon’s damaged circuit disk is going to break.  Those are some things that I think might happen later on in the book.

Books like these always make me wonder.  They make me wonder if monsters are real.  Also, if they are where do they live?  They can’t really live here, because I’m sure mortals would notice at least something.  Maybe the old places, like Atlantis or Colchis still exist and the monsters stay there.  These books also make me wonder whether or not there really are gods.  Rick Riordan’s books make it seem likely that the old Greek or Roman gods really exist.  I wonder whether these things really exist.


The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

31 Oct

I’m reading The Lost Hero, a fantasy book by Rick Riordan.  This book is about three heroes named Jason, Piper, and Leo.  They are going on a quest to save Hera, queen of the gods, who has been imprisoned by Gaea, goddess of the earth and the gods’ grandmother.  She is the mother of all the first monsters and the Titans and wants to overthrow the gods.

I am at the part where Jason, Leo, and Piper just left camp and flew to the ice palace of Boreas, the god of the North Wind.  They are asking him for help finding Hera.  Boreas’s daughter, Khione, the Greek goddess of snow, doesn’t like them at all.  I predict that Khione wants to kill them because she is working for the goddess Gaea.

I chose to read this book for a few different reasons.  One reason is that I have read two of Rick Riordan’s other series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Kane Chronicles, and I really liked both of them.  Another reason I chose this book is that I am fascinated by the Greek gods because they’re so different than the gods people worship today.  I also like all types of fantasy and am always looking for new fantasy books.

Shadows in the Glasshouse by Megan McDonald Part Two

17 Oct

For my blog this week, I decided to do the second half of Shadows in the GlasshouseShadows in the Glasshouse is a historical fiction book by Megan McDonald.  In the second half of this book, someone smashes all the glass again.  This time, though, there is a dark blue glass bead left behind.  Master Webbe, the man Merry suspects of smashing the glass, says that Angelo, Merry’s friend, did it because he makes beads.  Merry takes the blame because she knows Angelo didn’t do it and the punishment for a young girl is not as harsh as the punishment for a man.

I thought that the author didn’t do a great job on the ending.  I thought it was a little unrealistic.  Merry’s sister Margaret comes to Jamestown to be a tobacco bride.  Her new husband lives five minutes from the glasshouse where Merry works.  I think that’s unrealistic because Margaret couldn’t have found out where he lived and where Merry worked.  Also, having the governor believe that Merry smashed the glass instead of Angelo seems far-fetched because she is just a servant girl.

Merry and I have a few things in common.  Merry and I both have older sisters.  We also both think glassblowing is beautiful and wonderful.  We both don’t really like long sea travel.  Those are the things that Merry and I have in common.  Merry and I also have many differences.  Merry is an orphan, and she grew up in London.  She was also forced to be an indentured servant after she was kidnapped and taken to Jamestown.  Those are some of the  similarities between me and Merry.

Shadows in the Glasshouse by: Megan McDonald

15 Oct

This week I’m reading Shadows in the Glasshouse by Megan McDonald.  This is a historical fiction book about a girl named Merry.  Merry grew up in England, but she was kidnapped and forced on a ship bound for the New World, where she is to be an indentured servant for five years while she works in a glasshouse.  People are trying to make cristello, a clear glass that has only been successfully in Italy.  Merry’s only friend, Angelo, is close to completing the formula for cristello.  Then, one night someone goes and breaks all of the cooling glass pieces!

I don’t think this is the best book for me for a couple reasons.  This book is creepy and I don’t really like creepy books because I always think that someone good is going to get in trouble.  I also don’t like this book because it is kind of sad.  Merry’s parents died when she was really little, and when she was kidnapped she was separated from her older sister, Margaret.  Also, the man who bought her, who was kind of nice, either died of an illness or was murdered.  Merry suspects Master Webbe of murdering him.

I also like some parts of this book.  I like how responsible and independent Merry is, trying to figure out who broke the glass all by herself.  I like how nice Angelo is, and how Franz is going to teach her how to make glass.  I also think that the glasshouse and making glass is really wonderful, turning sand into glass.  I think that this book would be a good fit for people who don’t mind reading about a lot of dangerous situations.