Shadows in the Glasshouse by: Megan McDonald

15 Oct

This week I’m reading Shadows in the Glasshouse by Megan McDonald.  This is a historical fiction book about a girl named Merry.  Merry grew up in England, but she was kidnapped and forced on a ship bound for the New World, where she is to be an indentured servant for five years while she works in a glasshouse.  People are trying to make cristello, a clear glass that has only been successfully in Italy.  Merry’s only friend, Angelo, is close to completing the formula for cristello.  Then, one night someone goes and breaks all of the cooling glass pieces!

I don’t think this is the best book for me for a couple reasons.  This book is creepy and I don’t really like creepy books because I always think that someone good is going to get in trouble.  I also don’t like this book because it is kind of sad.  Merry’s parents died when she was really little, and when she was kidnapped she was separated from her older sister, Margaret.  Also, the man who bought her, who was kind of nice, either died of an illness or was murdered.  Merry suspects Master Webbe of murdering him.

I also like some parts of this book.  I like how responsible and independent Merry is, trying to figure out who broke the glass all by herself.  I like how nice Angelo is, and how Franz is going to teach her how to make glass.  I also think that the glasshouse and making glass is really wonderful, turning sand into glass.  I think that this book would be a good fit for people who don’t mind reading about a lot of dangerous situations.


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