Shadows in the Glasshouse by Megan McDonald Part Two

17 Oct

For my blog this week, I decided to do the second half of Shadows in the GlasshouseShadows in the Glasshouse is a historical fiction book by Megan McDonald.  In the second half of this book, someone smashes all the glass again.  This time, though, there is a dark blue glass bead left behind.  Master Webbe, the man Merry suspects of smashing the glass, says that Angelo, Merry’s friend, did it because he makes beads.  Merry takes the blame because she knows Angelo didn’t do it and the punishment for a young girl is not as harsh as the punishment for a man.

I thought that the author didn’t do a great job on the ending.  I thought it was a little unrealistic.  Merry’s sister Margaret comes to Jamestown to be a tobacco bride.  Her new husband lives five minutes from the glasshouse where Merry works.  I think that’s unrealistic because Margaret couldn’t have found out where he lived and where Merry worked.  Also, having the governor believe that Merry smashed the glass instead of Angelo seems far-fetched because she is just a servant girl.

Merry and I have a few things in common.  Merry and I both have older sisters.  We also both think glassblowing is beautiful and wonderful.  We both don’t really like long sea travel.  Those are the things that Merry and I have in common.  Merry and I also have many differences.  Merry is an orphan, and she grew up in London.  She was also forced to be an indentured servant after she was kidnapped and taken to Jamestown.  Those are some of the  similarities between me and Merry.


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