The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan Part Two

31 Oct

I’m still reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan.  Right now, Leo, Jason, and Piper just escaped from Medea, who Gaea brought back from the dead. in Chicago.  They’re flying to Aeolus, god of all winds, to deliver something.

I have a few predictions about what’s going to happen next.  I predict that Gaea is going to bring back more dead people who might dislike the gods, like Daedalus, Midas, or Sisyphus.  I think that she’s going to bring back Medusa or other monsters who hate the gods.  She wants old mortals and monsters to help her and the giants overthrow the gods.  Also, maybe the dragon’s damaged circuit disk is going to break.  Those are some things that I think might happen later on in the book.

Books like these always make me wonder.  They make me wonder if monsters are real.  Also, if they are where do they live?  They can’t really live here, because I’m sure mortals would notice at least something.  Maybe the old places, like Atlantis or Colchis still exist and the monsters stay there.  These books also make me wonder whether or not there really are gods.  Rick Riordan’s books make it seem likely that the old Greek or Roman gods really exist.  I wonder whether these things really exist.


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