The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

31 Oct

I’m reading The Lost Hero, a fantasy book by Rick Riordan.  This book is about three heroes named Jason, Piper, and Leo.  They are going on a quest to save Hera, queen of the gods, who has been imprisoned by Gaea, goddess of the earth and the gods’ grandmother.  She is the mother of all the first monsters and the Titans and wants to overthrow the gods.

I am at the part where Jason, Leo, and Piper just left camp and flew to the ice palace of Boreas, the god of the North Wind.  They are asking him for help finding Hera.  Boreas’s daughter, Khione, the Greek goddess of snow, doesn’t like them at all.  I predict that Khione wants to kill them because she is working for the goddess Gaea.

I chose to read this book for a few different reasons.  One reason is that I have read two of Rick Riordan’s other series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Kane Chronicles, and I really liked both of them.  Another reason I chose this book is that I am fascinated by the Greek gods because they’re so different than the gods people worship today.  I also like all types of fantasy and am always looking for new fantasy books.


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