Rowan Hood:Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest by Nancy Springer

9 Dec

This week I read a book called Rowan Hood:Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest.  This is a fantasy book by Nancy Springer.  It is about a girl named Rosemary who is the daughter of the woodwife Celandine.  A woodwife is someone who can use plants very well for healing and can find springwater just by feeling its pull inside them.  The king’s men burned down Rosemary’s home and killed her mother because they thought she was a witch.  Rosemary leaves and goes to find her father, the outlaw Robin Hood.  Girls can’t go to Sherwood Forest, so she disguises herself as a boy named Rowan.

I chose to read this book for a few different reasons.  One reason is that I read a book about Robin Hood and really enjoyed it.  Another reason is that my little cousin gave them to me and said that she enjoyed them a lot.  My cousin and I often share book recommendations and she had recommended a lot of good books to me before.

I really enjoyed reading this book. There are a few things that I would change about it, though.  The first thing that I would change would be Rowan’s wolf-dog, Tykell.  I think that he should be more wolf than dog so that he can protect Rowan better.  The other thing that I would change is Ettarde.  Ettarde is a princess that tried to escape becoming a princess.  Rowan protected her and welcomed her into her little band of outlaws.  The thing I would change about her is her manners and abilities.  Etty knows how to write and I think she should teach Rowen how to write, too.  Other than those little things, I think the book was really good.


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