Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff

9 Dec

This week I read a book called Umbrella Summer.  Umbrella Summer is a realistic fiction book by Lisa Graff.  This is a book about a girl named Annie.  Annie’s brother Jared died five months ago of a rare heart disease.  Ever since, Annie has worried a lot.

I think this book has a realistic lesson.  I think the author’s message is that you need to let go when someone you love dies.  You can be sad for a little while, but eventually you need to let go and accept that the person is gone.  Annie is afraid the same thing is going to happen to her as Jared and she worries about every little thing.  For example, she doesn’t do bike races anymore because you could fall and kill yourself.  For her, letting go means to stop worrying so much and just enjoy life.

I wouldn’t really recommend this book to anyone.  I didn’t really think this book was that good because it’s really serious and kind of boring.  All Annie does is worry and get band-aids just in case something happens.  At the end I think it gets a little bit more interesting, but not much.  I don’t recommend this book to anyone who thinks that things like that are boring.


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