Diary of Anne Frank

23 Dec

This week I read a very sad autobiography.  I read the diary of Anne Frank, written during World War 2, when Anne and her family were in hiding.

Anne and her family were in hiding for two reasons, one more important than the other.  The important reason is that they were Jewish, and Hitler (who was part Jewish himself!) was sending all Jews to be killed in concentration camps.  Anne’s family and the van Daans (another Jewish family) hid in the Secret Annex, a series of hidden rooms in an office building.  The other reason they were hiding was because of their treatment.  All Jews had to sew a six-pointed star on their clothes, singling them out from everyone else.  Also, Jewish children had to go to all-Jew schools.  Jews were also not allowed to ride streetcars (buses) or get rides from other people.  They weren’t even allowed to ride in their own cars!  They had to walk everywhere, since their bikes were also taken away.  I think the Germans should have at least let them sell the bikes and cars that they had paid for.

I did and didn’t like this book.  I liked it because it was really interesting.  I liked knowing Anne’s thoughts and learning about what life was like during World War 2.  Anne considered herself lucky, even though they had only old, moldy food, everyone fought and bickered all the time, and the Annex was tiny.  Anne was glad she wasn’t at a concentration camp.  At concentration camps you died from lack of food and water, hard labor, deadly diseases, or were gassed to death.  The reason I don’t like this book is because it’s really sad.  Anne talks about what her kids will be like, what kind of job she’ll have, and what type of parent she wants to be.  Only later on, you find out that Anne and everyone else in the Annex (except for Anne’s father) are killed in concentration camps.  I think it’s cruel that they survived all that time, only to be killed in the end.

I learned a lot of interesting things from this book.  For example, did you know that Anne wanted her diary to be made into a book even while she was still alive?  I also learned that Hitler, who was killing all the Jews, was part Jewish himself.  The other important thing that I learned was the three things that defeated the Germans; the spirit of the British, the people of Russia, and the United States’ military equipment and factories.  The British stayed optimistic, even when the Germans bombed London.  Russia, being so large, had a large population.  They kept finding more and more people to throw at Hitler, and they suffered the most devastating losses.  And finally, the U. S. had  a lot of planes and bombs and just kept on making more and more until they finally defeated the Germans.  I’m glad the Germans were defeated, but the war still never should have happened.


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