11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

13 Jan

From now on, there is going to be a slight change in my blogs.  I’m going to start rating the books that I read.  A √+ means that I really liked the book.  A √- means that I didn’t really like the book, a √ means that it was okay, and a √x means that I really didn’t like the book.  Also, a √++ means that I loved the book.In the first few blogs with this system, I’ll remind you what the ratings mean.  Hope you enjoy this new system and prepare for more changes coming!

This week, I started a new series by Wendy Mass.  11 Birthdays is a story about a girl named Amanda and her former best friend, Leo.  Amanda and Leo share a birthday and always had their parties together.  However, on Amanda and Leo’s tenth birthday, Amanda heard Leo talking about how he hated sharing birthday parties with her.  She went home early and didn’t speak to Leo for a year.  The story takes place on their 11th birthday, exactly a year since they last spoke to each other.  Amanda just wants her birthday to end, but when she wakes up the next day, it’s her birthday all over again!

My feelings about Leo changed during the story.  At the beginning, when I first heard what he had said about Amanda, I wondered why he would say those things about his best friend.  I thought he was really mean and that Amanda was right to ignore him after that.  However, when Amanda realizes that Leo is the only one who (besides herself) knows that the same day is happening again and again, Leo explains why he said those things and apologizes.  After that, I really liked Leo and thought that Amanda should have let him explain right after he said them.

I would recommend this book to almost everyone.  I think that both girls and boys would enjoy this book because it’s about a boy and a girl.  Also, people who like fantasy and sci-fi would also like this book.  People who like historical and realistic fiction would probably enjoy this book, since Amanda and Leo have to research things about their ancestors.  I would definitely give this book a √++!


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