13 Gifts by Wendy Mass

20 Jan

This week I read the second and third books in the series with 11 Birthdays.  I didn’t like the second book as much as the third, so I decided to just blog about this one.  The second book was about a girl named Rory, who comes up in the third book, which is about a girl named Tara.  Tara sneaks into her school at night to steal her principal’s stuffed goat.  As punishment, her parents send her to Willow Falls (the town where Amanda, Leo, and Rory live) to stay with her aunt and uncle.  Her mom gives her some money and a new iPod, but Tara loses those and her cell phone!  Since she needs money, she decides to steal one of her uncle’s rare comic books and sell it.  However, the woman she tries to sell it to recognizes in as her uncle’s!  The woman, Angelina, says that she will give Tara the money if she finds thirteen items scattered throughout town.  Tara agrees, and she and her new friends Rory, Leo, and Amanda start collecting the items.

This series is a little weird.  The first book is about Amanda and Leo, the second one is about Rory and doesn’t mention Amanda or Leo at all, and the third has Amanda, Leo, Rory, and a new character, Tara.  The one character the is in all three books is Angelina D’Angelo.  In the first book, she was the one who set the enchantment that made Amanda and Leo’s birthday happen again and again.  In the second book, she pulled Rory out of a drainpipe.  And in the third book, she’s the one who makes Tara get those items.  (At the end of the book, you learn why she made Tara get those things.  It’s not just because Tara needed money!)  Angelina is pretty odd.  Nobody knows how old she is.  She’s lived in Willow Falls for (it seems like) forever and has a hand in every odd and suspicious thing in the town.  She knows everything about all the people in town, and seems to be able to cast enchantments!

This book is awesome!  I would recommend it to any girl in fourth, fifth, sixth,  and seventh grade.  It is kind of realistic fiction, kind of fantasy, and even has a little bit about the town and Tara’s history!  I’m definitely giving this book (and the series) a √++!


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