The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn Part One

27 Jan

Remeber a few weeks ago when I said that there’d be a couple bigger changes with my blogs?  Well, those changes have arrived.  The first change is: pictures.  I’ll be putting a picture or two at the top of every blog.  A picture of the cover, one of the characters, you name it!  You can post comments on what type of book I should read next, a picture you think I should add, a book recommendation, anything!  You can post your own comments at the bottom of any book post if you have a Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress account.  The second big change is: polls!  Every week, I’ll put a new poll up along with my post.  Anyone can vote, and you can post comments to me on what type of poll I should do next.  I’m going to do polls on all sorts of things, but if I can get to a computer, there’ll be a new poll every Friday.  Enough about the new changes, though.

This week, my older sister recommended a really awesome futuristic book to me, called The Bar Code Tattoo.  This is the first book in a two-book series by Suzanne Weyn.  The series takes place in 2025, and the world is totally different. All the food in the world is owned by one company, Global-1.  The United States Postal Service has gone out of business, and everyone communicates by email.

There is also a bar code tattoo, which you are allowed to get on your seventeenth birthday.  It has all your money on it, so to buy something, you scan the code and it charges your account. Couldn’t be simpler, right?  Wrong, at least for Kayla Marie Reed.  Both her parents had the bar code, and it didn’t help them at all.  In fact, her father committed suicide because of the bar code.  It soon becomes a law that anyone over seventeen has to get the bar code.  With both her parents dead, Kayla is on the run.  But can she run from the bar code tattoo?  Or is she too late?


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