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17 Feb
17 Feb

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Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

17 Feb

This week I read a new book by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Hidden.  I didn’t really like it as much as some of her other books.  It just didn’t really hook me in.  I guess it was okay, as books go, but it wasn’t my favorite.  The book is about an illegal third child, Luke.  The Population Police outlawed having three children because of food shortages.  Luke meets another shadow child, Jen.  Jen’s family is rich and she can communicate with other rich shadow children.  Luke, however is poor, so he didn’t know that there were other shadow children out there.  Jen teaches him about using the computer in secret chat rooms that other third children use.  She also lends him books about the population laws and why the Government says they made those laws.

Like I said above, I didn’t really like this book.  It was kind of short and Margaret Peterson Haddix didn’t really go into as much detail as she usually does.  The plot line was simple, and things moved too quickly for it to really get depth.  I think that I would have liked this book more when I was younger.  Now I’m used to more complicated plot lines and more details that this book has.  I was kind of surprised that I didn’t like it that much.  I really liked Just Ella and Palace of Mirrors, so I thought that I would like this book, too.

I chose to read this book for three main reasons.  The first reason is that my sister recommended it, and we usually like reading the same books.  (Not this time, though)  The other reason I decided to read this book is the author. I have read a few other books by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and I enjoyed all of those.  I figured this book would be the same style as those other types of books.  The third reason that I read it was book club.  When we had book club a few months ago, Among the Hidden was one of the books.  I was in a different group, and the people in the Among the Hidden group really liked the book.  I’d say this book got a √.

10 Feb

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

9 Feb

This week I read the BEST BOOK EVER!  The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann is so good, I couldn’t stop reading it!  (Just ask my parents.  They couldn’t get me to do anything else until I’d finished it) The Unwanteds is a futuristic book (I know, I’ve been reading a lot of those lately) about a boy named Alex Stowe, who lives in Quill, a powerful area that grows more powerful every year at the Purge.  At the Purge, all thirteen year olds are sorted into three groups: Wanted, Necessary, and Unwanted.  Wanteds and Necessaries stay in Quill, while the Unwanteds are brought to the Death Farm to be eliminated for the crime of being creative.  Or so everyone thought.  At the Purge this year, Alex and his twin, Aaron are to be sorted.  Aaron became a Wanted, while Alex was Unwanted.  As it turns out, Alex and the other Unwanteds aren’t killed.  Instead they go to the magical world of Artimé, where their creativity is  their most important skill.

Alex’s twin, Aaron, is an important part of this book.  Happy as he is in Artimé, Alex constantly wonders about his twin.  After all, Aaron drew in the dirt, just like Alex.  Alex had taken the blame for Aaron’s infraction, thinking at the time that he was saving his twin’s life.  I think Aaron doesn’t deserve to be in Artimé.  He did let Alex take the blame for his infraction, and he reported many other people’s infractions, too.  (Of course, those aren’t the only reasons I dislike Aaron.  But telling you those reasons would spoil the ending…)  Eventually Alex realizes how different he and Aaron are, but not before he makes a mistake that could cost him his life…

I would recommend this book to anyone.  Anyone who liked The Hunger Games, The Bar Code Tattoo, any other futuristic book, you would love it.  Also, the book is fantasy, so if you like fantasy, this would also be an excellent choice.  Even those of you who prefer realistic fiction or historical fiction or anything else, I still think that you would enjoy this.  YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!  ( Oh, and in case you haven’t realized, I give this book a √++)

3 Feb

The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn Part Two

3 Feb

This week, I finished The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn.  Kayla manages to escape from her town and get to the Adirondack Mountains with Mfumbe, another bar code resister.  The two of them work on heightening their psychic powers there with a woman named Eutonah.  All is well until Global-1 workers show up.  Kayla and Mfumbe get away, but they decide that it’s time to stop hiding and join other bar code tattoo protesters.

This book makes me wonder about what shape our world is really in.  In this book, The United States Postal Service goes out of business in 2015, three years from now.  The bar code tattoo (the tattoo, not the book) was first developed in 2024, twelve years from now.  After reading this book this book, I started to wonder if some of this was really going to happen.  Nowadays, most people communicate by phone calls, email and texting.  How long will it be until The United States Postal Service really goes out of business?  I hope our world doesn’t become so controlling that everyone has to get the bar code tattoo, but who knows… Definitely a √+.