The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

27 Apr

This week I read another great book.  I know, I know, I say that all the time, but this one really was good.  The Emerald Atlas is about three kids named Kate, Micheal, and Emma.  They have been shuffled from orphanage to orphanage ever since they were separated from their parents ten years ago.  Kate, the oldest, remembers their parents and their promise that they would see each other again.  She, Micheal, and Emma refuse to believe that their parents are dead.  After messing up at one orphanage, they get sent to a new one at Cambridge Falls.  The house there leads them to discover many things and new powers, but first they have to go on a thrilling journey-through the past.

There were two main reasons why I chose to read this book.  My friend and I share the same taste in books.  She gave this book a glowing recommendation.  When I got over me confusion (at first I thought she was reading a real atlas made of emerald instead of paper), I thought it sounded cool.  The second reason is that I am completely out of books.  One of the series I like doesn’t have half the books out yet.  Another series is only available if you buy all seven books.  Although this is an uncompleted plotline (there’s going to be at least one more book), I don’t really mind waiting.

I would recommend this series to a medium-sized group of readers.  It has a lot of action and a great plot, but it can be a little confusing at times.  It changes point of views in the middle of chapters, and there is no apparent order for the different people.  Sometimes one character will just have a sentence or two telling about what they’re feeling or doing.  Most of the book is in Kate’s point of view, but Emma and Michael get their turns, too.  All in all though, the book is pretty good.  I’d have to give it a √ 1/2 +.  I can’t wait for the sequel!


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