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The Puzzling World of Winston Breen by Eric Berlin

8 Jun

This week I read the first book in a series about a boy who likes puzzles.  I read the second book a while ago and just decided to read the first since I had nothing else to read.  The book, as you might have guessed from the title, is about a boy named Winston Breen.  He loves puzzles.  He does then all the time, and even tries to find his own puzzles.  This book is about a twenty-five year old puzzle to find a very valuable ring.  Winston thinks it will be easy.  But things don’t go quite as planned.

I like this author’s style of writing.  It’s written in third person, but it follows Winston.  The author also includes lots of puzzles, and it tells you to either continue reading or flip to a certain page in the back to find out the answer to the puzzle.  I like that because you can try to solve the puzzle yourself, and if you don’t get it, you don’t have to Google it or spend a lot of time trying to find the answer.  Some of the puzzles were pretty easy, but others were practically impossible.


The Prophecy of the Stones by Flavia Bujor

1 Jun

“Three girls.  Three stones.  One destiny.”- Front Cover.  Jade, Opal, and Amber all live their separate lives in a magical realm.  Jade is the daughter of a duke, Opal lives with her semi-wealthy relatives, and Amber is a peasant.  They have no knowledge of each other until they are kicked out of their old lives with nothing but a black velvet pouch.  That is what happens to the three girls in the beginning of the Prophecy of the Stones by Flavia Bujor.  It is, as you can probably guess, a fantasy book.  Jade, Opal, and Amber are, predictably, the three Stones of the Prophecy.  Together, they must go on a journey to save their freedom, and the freedom of countless enemies.

This book is pretty good.  I’ve read books that I liked better, but I’ve also read books that I liked a lot less (meaning: the plague book).  It can get a little confusing at times, but I like the parts that I can understand better.  For example, the chapter will suddenly switch from Jade, Opal, and Amber’s journey to the Nameless One, to a random girl in a hospital in present-day Paris!  See how that could be really confusing?  And when it’s on Lade, Opal, and Amber, it will be Amber’s thoughts for a few pages, then it will be two lines of Opal’s thoughts, then a paragraph telling you what Jade is thinking.  That gets confusing as well.  Oh, well.  I give this book a solid √.